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Some musings from the folks at After School Club.

Some musings from the folk at After School Club.

Why shit bosses hate Millenials

I'm sorry in advance for the repeated use of the word "millennial". After a quick scan of Wikipedia it transpires that I am indeed a millennial, defined as;

a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000.

I'll pretty up front about this post. It's a rant. Plain and simple. I am sick and tired of our generation being described as disloyal, lazy and demanding, etc... One common thread I've noticed amongst people who describe our generation in these terms, is they try and fail to exploit us and it disturbs their woefully inadequate status quo.

Here are what I believe are the five key reasons why exploitative bosses have it in for millennials.

We know our worth

Having being born into a new connected world, we have skills and knowledge that is a highly prized....and this isn't lost on us. We know we're being billed out to clients at three times the rate we're being paid.

We know we have choice

As businesses scramble to adapt and thrive in a connected world, the skills millennials have cultivated is coming under unceasing demand. There are more tech, UX, digital strategy, design and development jobs than candidates available. This would explain why many businesses will pay recent graduates three to four times what I made when I left university.

We want more time not just money

Making money isn't hard for skilled millennials, nor is it the primary focus. We want time to the things that we love and give us purpose. This makes it pretty frustrating for businesses who can only incentivise with the promise of more money and would explain the increasing focus on culture in attracting and retaining talent. (FYI - ping pong tables and quirky lights aren't culture)

We want meaning in our work

We do not live to work. We no longer believe that we have to split ourselves into work and play versions of ourselves. That means that we want to exercise our values not just at home but at work as well.

We don't do "loyalty"

We don't act out of a sense of duty. We are after all, the generation that has been absolutely buggered by those that have come before us. We had to pay for our education. We have to save for years and years in the hope of buying a one bedroom flat in the arse-end of nowhere. We have a duty to ourselves first, and have been aware of this since we were teens.

In Summary

This post is littered with generalisations and sweeping statements, I know. I had to write this if only to get it out of my system. It seems to me that those who regularly lament the failures of millennials are those that have tried and failed to make them comply to an outdated view of the world.

.....and breath.

Moshe Braun