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Some musings from the folks at After School Club.

Some musings from the folk at After School Club.

Why shit bosses hate Millenials

I'll pretty up front about this post. It's a rant. Plain and simple. I am sick and tired of our generation being described as disloyal, lazy and demanding, etc... One common thread I've noticed amongst people who describe our generation in these terms, is they try and fail to exploit us and it disturbs their woefully inadequate status quo.

Moshe Braun
I quit my job without a plan and started a club

At 34 years of age, with just three months to go before my second child was due to be born, I quit my job without a backup plan. I quit because I was unhappy. Simple as that. Being miserable no longer felt like an inevitable outcome of being a responsible adult: I became convinced there was another way.

Moshe Braun